The research and monitoring plan provides a unified overview of all studies and monitoring performed within the framework of the LIFE IP CleanEST project. The basis for compiling the document, is the project application and the terms of reference compiled on its basis. All works known to be taking place at the same time, in the  region of research, have been taken into consideration when compiling the research and monitoring plan, in order to avoid duplication between different project studies, state monitoring and other studies in the region.

Reports in Estonian:

The report on the methodology for the evaluation of the CleanEST ecosystem services (in English).

The first phase of the project (2019-2020), involves a review of dams and other migratory barriers, in order to verify the current situation, evaluate the impact of buildings and to select the most important sites for performing improvement work of their condition. The state of the fish ladders will also be reviewed and evaluated. Sites of the Viru sub-basin that have not yet been described that are discovered in other research and the current work, will also be evaluated.

The report is in preparation.


Hüdrogeoloogiline uuring seirekaevu katastri nr 4019 (Iisaku vald, Sõrumäe küla) piirkonnas

LIFE IP CleanEST projekti raames uuritakse kuut valglat Viru alamvesikonnas, kus on suur põllumajandusliku maa osakaal ning kus esineb suuri loomakasvatusi. Tegevustest annab ülevaate veeuuringute aruanne.