Environmental awareness

We value learning and offer everyone the joy of discovery! The AHHAA Science Centre will organise during the project, science cafes, theatres and traveling exhibitions, related to the subjects of the CleanEST LIFE IP. The Environmental Board will also conduct different events and activities that raise environmental awareness.

The Environmental Board will organise throughout the entire period of the project, 20 nature evenings that introduce the activities and achievements of CleanEST. There will be a drawing competition for 5-13 year olds and three photo competitions for youths aged 14-19. Youths aged 14-19 are also awaited to two day nature camps, the first of which will already be organised in July 2020. A total of five camps will take place during the project.

Everyone can also put their knowledge to the test, on the soon to be opened Soolikaoja nature trail, in Rakvere or by participating in 2021 in the web quiz.