We will establish the pollution load and sources, of surface and groundwater bodies. We will in addition to improving the condition of groundwater and bodies of surface water, determine how to improve the condition of the coastal waters in the Eru-Käsmu and the Narva-Kunda bays, as well as find the best solutions for quarry areas, incl. the maintenance of surface water bodies.

We will in the course of studies, evaluate the effectiveness of the removal of residual pollution done to date, as well as the cleaning work performed during the project. We will additionally determine the impact of agriculture on groundwater and surface water, as well as the impact of migration barriers and damaged or destroyed habitats on aquatic life.

The aim of monitoring and research, among others, is to assess the improvement of the condition of the aquatic environment and ecosystems dependent on water. The condition of the biota of selected watercourses will be monitored to this end.

A good overview of the monitoring works is provided by the "Project LIFE IP CleanEST Research and Monitoring Plan".

The Estonian Environmental Research Centre and the Environment Agency are responsible for the monitoring.

Tööde kava

Done Planned
Groundwater studies 2019-2023
Surfice water studies 2019-2028
Studies of sites with residual pollution 2019-2028