31 October 2023

Henry Linnard, LIFE IP CleanEST communication manager

LIFE IP CleanEST project organized an international water management conference with participants from 15 different countries

In the framework of the LIFE IP CleanEST project, led by the Ministry of Climate, we organised an international water management conference on 25th-26th In October 2023, in Narva Town Hall, Estonia. The focus of the conference was the challenges of modern water management and their solutions. The main objective of the conference was to promote the efficiency of water management, share valuable knowledge and increase awareness on issues related to water management.

The conference was attended by recognized researchers, experts, policy makers, representatives of universities and local governments, etc. The participants were able to contribute through discussions and sharing of practical approaches and thereby contribute to the development and sustainability of the field of water management.

The program offered at the conference included presentations, panel discussions and practical workshops.

The conference included discussions focused on the impact of human activities on water bodies, financing options available for implementing water projects, and promoting information and awareness related to water management and environmental protection. The presentations and panel discussions analyzed various challenges, opportunities and solutions related to water management, and special attention was paid to the importance of the green revolution in this field.

The workshops offered participants practical knowledge and the opportunity to discuss topics with experts in their field. The workshops focused, for example, on innovative technologies, digital tools, natural solutions, circular economy principles, climate change, migration barriers and environmental awareness in the field of water management.

The first day of the conference can be watched here:


Conference agenda:


Conference presentations on the 25th of October:


Conference presentation on the 26th of October:

Workshop 1: Harmonizing with Nature: Exploring Nature-Based Solutions in Water Management


Workshop 2: Overcoming Migration Route Challenges: Strategies for Addressing Problematic Dams 


Workshop 3: Raising Environmental Awareness in Water Sector


Workshop 4: Synchronizing Efforts: Coordinating the Implementation of River Basin Management Plans

LIFE IP CleanEST project water management conference 25.-26. October in Narva