Migration barriers

Migration barriers 

Fourteen most important weirs on eight rivers, in total, were selected in the area of the project. The selection was made based on the impact and location of the weir, the biodiversity and size of the fish stock, and the cost and feasibility of the solution. The weirs which form the first impassable migration barrier in the river were prioritised.

In communication and cooperation with the owners of the weirs, solutions will be found to ensure free upstream and downstream movement of the fish. Based on the results, preliminary projects will be drawn up for eight weirs and solutions will be found for six migration barriers. The solutions may include various types of fish gates or demolition of the weirs.

As a result of the examination, attempts will be made to find solutions for the following weirs:

  • Loobu River – the Undla weir, 
  • Võsu River – the weirs of Võsu (Mere) and Võsu (Metsa), 
  • Alajõgi River – the Tamme weir, 
  • Purtse River – the Püssi weir and the Lohkuse weir, 
  • Pada River – the Unukse weir and the Unnukse-Mahu road culverts, 
  • Selja River – the Varangu weir, the Päide I and II weirs, 
  • Kunda River – the Aravuse weir and the Kunda IV (Kundamõisa) weir, 
  • Udriku Brook – the Udriku (Mäo) 2 weir and the weir in Mäo village by the Jõekääru farm. 

In 2020, the Unkuse weir on Pada River and the old weir on Altja Brook were removed.