The duration of the project is 10 years. Its activities are divided into two year phases.

The schedule of the project is being compiled.

Tööde kava

Done Planned
Monitoring and evaluating the impact of the project 2019-2020
Evaluating the ecosystem services   2019-2028
Analysis of migration barriers 2019-2028
Liquidation of migration barriers 2019-2027
Restocking of the Purtse River with salmon 2019-2024
Liquidating residual pollution 2019-2022
Restoring river habitats 2021-2025
Nature trail to the Aidu quarry 2025-2026
Studies of mining areas 2019-2024
Studies of areas of residual pollution 2019-2022
Agricultural research 2019-2022
Studies of groundwater 2019-2022
Studies of local handling systems 2019-2022
Studies of the Soolikaoja 2019-2021
Studies of bodies of coastal water 2019-2021
Capacity of agencies 2019-2028
Internal and external communication, environmental education, environmental awareness 2019-2028
Network cooperation, project organisation, accompanying projects 2019-2028
Evaluation of the measures of the water management plan and analysis of socioeconomic impacts 2019-2028