Local handling systems

We will evaluate in the course of the project, the condition, functioning and investment need, for renewal of systems of local waste water treatment facilities on properties. A focus will also be on water treatment plants and waste water discharge of industries and settlements.

Municipal governments have the obligation to compile regulations for local waste water handling and to establish them, in their administrative territory. The local handling regulations must include the requirements, which are valid in the administrative area of the municipal government, approached from which the construction, demolition or modification of waste water handling systems should be planned. The local handling regulations must also include the possibilities and conditions for using discharging services, as well as the requirements for companies providing discharging service. The property owners have an obligation to establish local sewage handling systems or to maintain existing ones, in order to minimise the burden of foodstuffs, to the aquatic environment.

A survey will be conducted, in order to assess the contents, functioning and investment needs, of local handling systems.

Inhabitants of Virumaa are invited to participate in the survey, who live in villages with up to 50 people.

We will create, as a result of the survey, a database of waste water treatment systems, used in individual households, which is important and necessary for advising and guiding owners. It is also needed for constructing or the reconstruction of individual waste water treatment systems, to ensure the proper handling of waste water. This helps to reduce the pollution load, from waste water to surface and groundwater.